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Donnell "Darrell" Weber - July 20, 2017

Donnell "Don" Weber, 82 took a shuttle to the beyond on July 20, 2017. Born to John and Grace Weber, he was the oldest of 3 sons. They grew up on a farm/ranch in the Logan County area of Nebraska. When he wasn't doing farm chores he loved fishing, hunting, and riding horses with friends on the weekends. In high school he ran the mile in track, placing third in the state of Nebraska. He also won 1st prize in physics in the state high school scholastic meet. He graduated from Logan County High School in 1952 then took a one year course graduating from Nebraska State Teachers College in Pre-Engineering.After high school he worked drilling oil fields in Nebraska and Kansas and worked as a steeple-jack painting water towers. He joined the army and went to Guided Missile School in Texas, and then married Lucy Conelly from his high school in Nebraska. He was assigned 2 years in Germany before returning to Nebraska.After leaving the Army, he got a job in Feb. 1959 at Patrick Airforce Base for RCA and moved his family to Florida. In Nov. 1961 he went to work for G.E. at Cape Canaveral, then starting 1962 he worked for nine years for North American Rockwell. After the Apollo program ended he went to Florida Technical University, which later became UCF, and got his Bachelors of Science Engineering Degree – graduating Summa Cum Laude in 1973. He worked for Harris Semiconductor in Melbourne for a year then returned to KSC. The rest of his career was at Kennedy Space Center on the shuttle program. He was a software engineer writing code to erase secret data keeping the shuttle program secure.He was president of "Parents without Partners" for 6 years where he met his second wife Carol Morey and they were married in Nov. 1992. Carol Weber went to heaven in Jan. 2014.He loved gardening and grafting roses. He planted and maintained a rose garden, from the roses he grew, at Grace United Methodist Church which he attended since the church was first built in 1962.He square danced 2 or 3 times a week, liked canoeing, Gheenoeing, hiking, fishing, watching bull riding competitions, and news shows!He is survived by his children: Dr.Doug Weber and his wife Olya, Katrina Bedard, LaCinda Zimmer and her husband Robert; Carol's children David Morey and his wife Heather, Jeannie Morey; and grandchildren Nick Bedard, Bella Weber, and Alec & Adam Morey.We'd like to thank Mary Jane, his gardening cohort and friend, and her husband Ed Raliegh, Ed Stukie, Elizabeth Clark, Anna White, and his many friends for the help and assistance they've given over the years.